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I’m a huge lover of fragrances- be it candles, diffusers or room sprays. So  when I recieved some products from the Grace Collection, I was ecstatic.

The first things I noticed when I opened the package was the amazing pomegranate smell. It was strong yet gentle at the same time- an absolutely alluring scent indeed! Over the past month, I’ve tried out the collection and now I’m sharing my thoughts! 

About the Collection

Greenleaf Home Fragrances is a brand of fragrancing manufactured in South Carolina, USA. They are imported to South Africa and can be purchased online or in stores around Gauteng. 

What did I receive?

I was fortunate enough to receive some products from Greenleaf. Before I even get into the products, I have to admit that I have fallen in love with them.

Candle: I’m obsessed with candles, both for decorative purposes and for the beautiful, relaxing smell they emit. The Grace Collection Pomegranate candle comes packaged in a gorgeous tin with pretty pink detailing. It looks stunning on my vanity! If the looks aren’t enough, the smell will amaze you! From the second it’s lit, the candle let’s off a soft pomegranate scent that is truly relaxing.

Diffuser: I’ve been going through a serious diffuser phase recently and I’ve bought a whole lot to place all around my house. I have to admit, from all the diffusers I’ve purchased, this one has the strongest scent. It isn’t overwhelming but it’s definitely noticeable when you walk into the room. The light pomegranate scent is truly one of my favourites and I would love to repurchase more of these. 

Satchets: I recieved two fragrance satchets that are said to have over 101 uses! These have the most amazing effect! I placed one in my car- and I’ve recieved tons of compliments on the light pomegranate scent. I’ve also placed one in my cupboard, and the fresh fragrance really helps keep odour out. This is a product I’m really loving at the moment!

Overall, I am thrilled with the products I received from the Grace Collection. Over the past month, these have become so well-loved in my home. I would love to try out more of the collection, and since vanilla is one of my favourite scents, I’m hoping it’s one of the scents in the Grace Collection!

View the collection at or

The following stores are also stockists of the range:

Thrupps Gift Shop, Thrupps Centre, Rudd Road, Illovo

Peter Thomas Interiors, Sunlit Court, 4th Avenue, Parkhurst

All my love, Raeesa 


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