Wet n Wild Lipstick Review | Beauty

Wet n Wild is a drugstore makeup brand, well known for its affordability. Over the years, I’ve fallen in love with countless Wet n Wild products- like their eyeshadows and contour kit that launched recently. 

Clicks was having a 3 for 2 sale not too long ago, and I picked up some lipsticks from Wet n Wild that looked beautiful on display. 

Price and Purchase:

Wet n Wild Products can be purchased from Clicks stores nationwide. These lipsticks retailed for R45 each (an absolute bargain), but since they deal was 3 for 2, I picked up 6 lipsticks for only R180! That’s an absolute steal.


Wet n Wild lipsticks come packaged in a standard black lipstick tube. I love that the lid is clear since I can see the colour of the lipstick. I do find that for some reason the lids come off easily- meaning it can mess my makeup bag on a day out. The lipstick also tends to mess the container very often (I’m not sure if this is just me, but I’ve noticed it in all 6 lipsticks).

My thoughts:

In terms of the colour selection, I have to say Wet n Wild does an amazing job. From nudes to reds to purples, there’s a colour for everyone- which is great.

The price point is magnificent. Even without being on sale, these are some of the most affordable lipsticks around.

There are different finishes available, but since I’m a matte girl all the way, i have all 6 lipsticks in a matte finish. These last for a few hours on my lips and transfer very little. They are not as dry as a liquid lipstick which is another plus. 

The Wet n Wild lipsticks are highly pigmented. One swipe delivers bold and rich colour. 

Another great thing about Wet n Wil lipsticks is that they’re amazing dupes for some popular Mac lipstick shades. And since Mac lipsticks retail for around R230, a Wet n Wild Lipstick is much more worth it. 

Overall, I’m overjoyed with these lipsticks. I believe they’re truly incredible and are definitely not spoken about enough.

There are some cons, like the lid coming off easily, but considering the price, one cannot argue that these are insanely worth it.

I know I’ll be getting more of these. What about you?

All my love, Raeesa


2 thoughts on “Wet n Wild Lipstick Review | Beauty

  1. I haven’t worn Wet-n-wild lipstick since I was in high school over twenty years ago. But lately I have been seeing it make a comeback in the world of fashion and makeup. I just may have to try it again. Thanks.


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