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Avène South Africa recently sent over a gorgeous PR package filled with samples of their products. I was ecstatic, to say the least, since I’ve been seeing Avène products EVERYWHERE lately and I wanted to jump on the bandwagon. I’ve got quite a few products to talk about so without further adieu, let’s get into the review!

About Avène:

The brand got its name from an old town in France-Avène which was home to a spring well-known for its medicinal and healing qualities. In 1990, Pierre Fabre purchased the establishment and the Avène skincare line was born. Each product is made using the Thermal Spring Water, which promises soothing and healing for skin.

What I recieved: 

Avène was kind enough to send over a ton of products that I’ve been using for the past while. Let’s get into each product. 

Avène Thermal Spring Water Facial Spray: This retails for R139 for 150ml and can be purchased from Dischem and Clicks Stores in South Africa. The packaging is simple, but still sleek. I was extremely excited to try this product out since the reviews were incredible. It’s said that every 2 seconds, one of these is sold! I must admit, I fell in love with this product for so many reasons. Personally, I don’t have many breakout, but I do get the occasional zit- and when it happens, it’s horrendous. I was super impressed that since I began using this 2 months ago, I’ve only had one pimple on my face which is incredible. I also experience redness around my nose and cheek area and I was literally shocked to see that disappear in a few days. It’s truly mind blowing. The spray is dispensed lightly and doesn’t fly all over the place- which I love. It also feels incredibly cooling on my skin. I bought a second bottle of this for my brother who suffers with breakouts- and even he was impressed with how well it cleared up and prevented redness and breakout. After trying this out, I can easily see why so many people love this and I truly believe it’s a worth-it investment for the skin. 

Avène Essential Care Micellar Lotion: This retails at R185 for a 200ml bottle, making it quite inexpensive in comparison to most Micellar waters. I have used this multiple times, and again, I’m quite impressed with it. This contains the popular Thermal Spring Water and is said to calm and soothe the skin. It  does claim to be a no-rinse cleanser, toner and makeup remover all in one. I find that this does remove my makeup really easily, and it doesn’t burn at all. I have sensitive skin, and I didn’t find any redness or itchiness when using this which is great. I’m not 100% sure if I will repurchase this again, simply because I love my Garnier Micellar Water. However, if I change my mind, I will let you know. 

Avène Physiolift Eye Cream: This retails at R350 for a 15ml bottle or R399 for a 30ml bottle- making the 30ml much more affordable. Eye creams do tend to be relatively expensive, so I wasn’t entirely shocked at the price range. This is said to smoothe fine lines and wrinkles, plump up the under eye area, reduce darkness and fight aging. This should be applied to the under-eye at night. I definitely have noticed a visible decrease in darkness in my under eye area, which elates me since I hate my under-eye darkness. I don’t have many wrinkles under my eye, and I hope that with continuous application, it stays that way for long. Personally, I feel like someone with more aged or mature skin would benefit a lot from this. I also feel like someone with darkness and signs of exhaustion would enjoy this product. 

I recieved two more products from Avène, however since I have not yet tried these out extensively, I won’t be posting a full review now. 

The first is the Very high protection Emulsion. This retails for R215 for a 50ml bottle.

The second product is the Redness-relief Moisturising Protecting Emulsion which retails for R185 for a 40ml bottle. 

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I am thrilled with the Avène Range. Even though I haven’t tried all the products, I was really impressed with the products I did try. Avène has over 50 products available to choose from, which I think is great. I also love that the collection is very natural and holistic. I would really recommend checking out the Avène range- especially the Thermal Water which is unlike anything I’ve ever tried!

All my love, Raeesa


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